Arnie Hoffman was born in Baltimore, Maryland and has spent most of his life in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC.


In the 1970's he began experimenting with brazing masonry nails with brass using an arc welder. He enjoyed the process. Outdoor craft shows were popular during these years so Arnie showcased his work at several of them. His work was well received, but due to time restraints, he stopped brazing, hoping to return to it at a later time.


Thirty years passed and Arnie took a class on welding and brazing, he was introduced to an oxy-acetaline jeweler's torch instead of the cumbersome arc welder of years past. This type of brazing uses solid brass rods that get heated to approximately 1200 degrees. As the brass turns to liquid he joins the masonry nails together to form sculptures and words. After cooling, polishing, and sealing the pieces, they are ready to showcase.

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2020 Venues:

November 11 - 30th

Temple Sinai Holiday Mart

Online Show 













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